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10 useful tips for bearders

We've rounded up the best tips to help you not just grow a beard, but keep it looking flawless at all times!


A chic, bushy beard can be a man's pride. But it's not so easy to look after.

We've rounded up some top tips that will help you not only grow a beard, but keep it looking great all the time! What do you need?

  1. Lead a healthy lifestyle

Today you can find a lot of advice about which oils and balms to use for fast hair growth. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a miracle cure. Yes, castor and burdock oils do accelerate hair growth. But they do not have a significant effect, only a slight one. Especially oils will be useless if the beard does not grow at all. But a really great influence on hair growth is lifestyle.


Also, in order to grow a beard, you should increase the level of testosterone. And this can be achieved with regular sports training and other physical activity.


So remember - in order to become the owner of a thick beard, it is important to eat right, give up bad habits, try to avoid stress and be physically active.

  1. Brush your beard regularly.

If you've decided to grow a beard, it's essential that you comb it right from the start. Even if it's still short. This way you guide the hairs in the right direction and they get used to it. Also, by regularly combing your beard you're massaging it, which improves circulation. And this stimulates hair growth. Plus, brushing also exfoliates dead skin.

  1. Be patient.

Patience and only patience is exactly what you'll need throughout your beard growth. This includes the initial stage, when it's just starting to grow; and the time when the beard is fully formed after a few months.

You'll have to put up with an uncomfortable itchy sensation for the first few weeks. Well, and get used to the fact that the daily facial hair care is necessary. Invest 5 to 10 minutes of your time in the morning and your efforts won't go in vain.

  1. Shave only after showering.

In order to keep your skin hydrated and minimize irritation, it's a good idea to shave after taking a shower, not before. Hot water and steam will hydrate and steam your skin perfectly, unclogging your pores and making shaving really easy and fun.

  1. Know how to cover up bald spots.

It happens that men's beards grow poorly on some parts of their face, or they may not grow any beards at all. It depends on the individual characteristics of the body, as well as heredity. All kinds of oils and balms are unlikely to help. However, it is possible to camouflage it. It is enough to grow more hair on the neighboring areas, and thus cover these areas of the face. Or you can simply grow a puffy mustache or change the shape of your beard.

  1. Give preference to dark clothing.

This tip is especially relevant for those who wear a long beard. The fact is that even thick vegetation on a light background seems rare and not very attractive. Therefore it is desirable to refuse the light clothing and to pick up clothes under the color of the beard. So it will look thicker and neater.

  1. Eat neatly.

This way the mustache and beard will always be clean and tidy.

  1. Take the Right Selfies

To make your beard look more impressive in photos, you should take selfies with your neck bent backwards. This way, your beard will visually look thicker. To make your cheekbones stand out and to show the beard in all its glory it is best to take a picture in profile and half-turned.

  1. Use a special apron for your haircut.

If you don't go to a barbershop and take care of your beard yourself, you should get an apron with suction cups. The hair will fall on the apron and you won't have to clean it up after your haircut. You'll just shake it off in the trash can.


  1. Trim the contours with a special comb

A neatly shaped beard is important. After all, an uneven beard with sloppy edges ¬ is not exactly a pleasant sight. In order to trim the beard and create a straight and beautiful edging it is necessary to use a special comb. With its help it is easy to shave off excess hair and make the contours of the beard perfect.


We hope that these tips will be useful to anyone who has decided to grow a lush, beautiful, well-groomed beard.

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