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5 Style Recommendations for Men Who Wear Rings

In order for such accessories to look harmonious, you need to take into account the recommendations that we will talk about in today's article

Some men of jewelry wear only a wedding ring and a watch. But what if you want more? No problem! But in order for such accessories to look harmonious, it is necessary to take into account the recommendations that we will talk about in today's article.

A moderate amount of jewelry

A lot of rings on the fingers look appropriate for a photo shoot in the baroque style or at a rock concert. In other cases, such a decision will look ridiculous. But if you want to wear more beautiful jewelry, there is still a way out. According to the rules, not counting the wedding ring, it is allowed to wear not more than two rings.

The right hand is for business and the left hand - for aesthetics (for the left-handed persons it is vice versa).

There is no definite rule which hand to wear the rings on. The only exception is a wedding ring.


If we are guided by logic, it is better to wear jewelry on the left hand (for left-handed people - on the right hand). In this way, there is less chance of damaging the items while doing different kinds of work. If, God forbid, hooligans attacked, a person will fight them off with the leading hand. If there will be rings on it, they will harm their owner in the first place.

Also, one should take into consideration that it is possible to exclude the probability of disharmony of an ordinary ring or a ring with a wedding ring if one wears them on different hands.


Combination of precious metals.

It is necessary to match the type of metal of cufflinks and the ring, in the same way as it is customary to match a belt with the shoes. It is also important to choose the right stones. For example, if the ring is with a ruby, the cufflinks should have it.


The shape of the fingers

If the fingers are thick and short, it is better to refrain from ordinary rings and rings. Engagement ring should be chosen thin and not too tight. If fingers are thin and long, the width of products can be any, but without expressive texture and massiveness. On fingers of moderate length and width will look good any jewelry.


Selection of clothing

Rings with expressive textures, large stones and designs will be suitable for an informal hangout, especially in a rocker style. But under a business suit, it's better to wear a concise and neat ring.

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