Man in a suit with the bow tie

A butterfly effect

“You are lucky, women, you have so many options to choose from,” men complain, tired of black-and-gray costume everyday life. Yes, this is true, women's fashion is more creative, but for a man who is eager to show his individuality, designers have something to offer. We recommend that you learn how to boldly handle one of the most interesting accessories in a man's wardrobe - a bow tie.

This is a small textile miracle
In old Europe, a butterfly is mostly worn with a tuxedo on the most solemn occasions - in the groom's wedding suit or on the red carpet of the festival. Only an extravagant professor of chemistry can afford to wear a bow tie on weekdays.
But in the USA, this accessory has settled in the everyday wardrobe, even among rappers. Kanye West, for example, confidently combines a bow tie with a shirt, pullover and denim jacket. Pharrell Williams - sometimes with a suit, but more often with a shirt and leather jacket. Tom Ford also loves butterflies, especially those made of velvet, and uses them in his advertising campaigns.This accessory is truly a small textile miracle, which in the image of a man can become the most pretentious, conservative element, or maybe a stylish and witty detail.

How to wear a bow tie?
You can, of course, wear this accessory in the old fashioned way - in an ensemble with a men's suit or a tuxedo. As does, for example, ex-boyfriend Kate Moss, British designer Jefferson Hack. The bow tie is a great trendy alternative for those men who hate ties. This small, almost old-fashioned detail is quite capable of replacing a tie in an ensemble with a men's suit. And at the same time, she doesn’t look so serious compared to a tie.

For those who are concerned about the issue of tying a bow tie, we inform you that ready-to-use models have been on sale for a long time, which do not differ in quality from their counterparts that require manual work from men. But we advise you this summer to decide to go beyond the usual style and learn to wear a bow tie not only with a tuxedo. Yes, it will require some courage from you. But it's worth it. Just buy and wear! Silk, velvet, linen, denim, wool or cotton. Under a jacket, blazer, jeans or a plaid shirt. But remember, even such a win-win accessory in all respects should be in harmony with the proportions of your figure - a bow tie should in no case be wider than your face. Therefore, it is not worth choosing blindly. Take a look at our salon to choose the best of the butterflies and make sure that it suits you!

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