The boutonniere with flowers

Boutonniere - the most masculine of bouquets

On the left lapel of the jacket, just above the heart, there is a small loop. Have you noticed this? The most romantic purpose of this hand-stitched buttonhole is to hold the boutonniere. This is the name of a small bouquet of fresh or artificial flowers on a short stem. Today, the boutonniere can be combined not only with a tuxedo, but also with a classic suit.

A bit from the history of ancient boutonnieres
The first flowers in the buttonhole were worn by the ancient Greeks. True, then the purpose of the boutonniere was far from aesthetics. With the help of a certain set of flowers and herbs, the courageous Hellenes protected themselves from evil spirits.

The tradition of wearing a boutonniere survived the era of the ancient Hellenes and Romans and was again in demand in the Middle Ages. According to it, each knight, taking off his armor, had to pin a living flower on his chest as a sign of his love for the lady of the heart.

About boutonnieres and carrots
The boutonniere gained a new peak of its popularity during the French Revolution. A beautiful and terrible tradition was revived by aristocrats who went to the scaffold with a red carnation as a symbol of fearlessness.
It was only later that the red carnation in the buttonhole became the emblem of the communist movement, when the symbols of red flags were banned. 

London dandies at the same time began to defiantly wear boutonnieres in the form of small exquisite bouquets of light shades. The famous fashionista Oscar Wilde, for example, considered it bad manners to appear in public in a suit without a boutonniere.

Then the world began to spin in a whirlwind of revolutions and wars, and boutonnieres practically disappeared from everyday life.

New boutonniere fashion
The boutonniere returned to us along with the retro fashion in the late 80s of the last century. The victorious return of the men's accessory was largely due to John Galliano. The extravagant couturier often appeared in a conservative double-breasted suit on a naked body and with an exotic flower in his buttonhole.
Then the boutonniere became an indispensable element of a wedding suit. A small elegant bouquet began to decorate the groom's lapel, the costumes of the wedding witnesses. With the help of a boutonniere, they began to emphasize the special status of a guest at a wedding - the father of the groom or bride, brother, etc.

And now, finally, today, when bright details are more popular than ever in men's fashion, the boutonniere has become synonymous with good style. And you can wear it both with a classic tuxedo and with an ordinary men's suit.

How to wear?
A fresh flower boutonniere or a small bouquet of silk and cashmere can decorate any jacket. A fashion accessory is a desirable element of the wardrobe within any style, with the exception of the office one. With a tuxedo or tailcoat, it is recommended to wear a traditional white flower in a buttonhole. With any other suit - a boutonniere that emphasizes the color of the eyes, a stripe on the suit or the shade of the shirt. At the same time, the boutonniere should stand out in the general ensemble due to the original color or shape of the bouquet.

Classic boutonniere flowers are carnation, gardenia, camellia or the more exotic orchid. And one more important fashion advice in pursuit: today stylists advise to avoid ties in the company with a boutonniere. But bow ties and plastrons, on the contrary, are the most fashionable must have of this season.

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