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How do I grow and care for my beard?

A well-groomed beard looks attractive and complements a man's style. But it doesn't grow by itself. It needs the right shape and grooming.

Looking after your beard is not just a matter of trimming it or shaving it. In today's article, barbers will tell you if there is any point in using special cosmetic products. They will also tell you tips on how to grow and maintain your beard.

How do you decide on the best shape for your beard?

They say if you love your beard, let it go. But seriously, when you're letting go of your beard, there are a few important aspects to consider. For example, the shape of your face and head. To do this, it is necessary to study yourself from all sides, because you will have to take into account not only the full face.

Most often, in the shape of the face you can recognize the shape of a square, a circle or a triangle. Each of these forms has its own recommended length and outline of the beard, which will help to hide flaws or favorably emphasize facial features.

If you see the outline of a circle, a long or medium beard may suit you.

Does your facial contour look more like a square? Then you can experiment with length and shape. Looking good would be short stubble with rounded contours or a medium-length beard with a rounded shape.

If your face is triangular in shape, you are more likely to have a medium length square beard.

You should also take into account the peculiarities of hair growth. Depending on how much stubble there is in certain areas, some men shave all the way through and some leave a length of it.

If you're used to shaving every day and have just decided to let your beard go, it's wise to talk to a professional who can help you decide on the best shape and other features of your beard.


How and how often should you trim your beard at home?

Is there a habit of shaving every day? There is also a periodicity in the care of the beard, but with its own nuances. For example, mustaches grow faster, so you can correct their length and volume twice a week.

The optimal intervals between beard corrections depend on what length you consider comfortable. If it's short stubble, you can keep it tidy with a trimmer by removing the layer you deem necessary once a week.

More often than not, the trimmer comes with attachments that are suitable for a particular length. They're easy to experiment with; you can leave your beard untouched for a few weeks and then go back to using the attachments for the length you want.

What are the differences between the different beard tools - razor, trimmer and scissors?

The most popular tools are the razor, trimmer, scissors, and electric shaver and shaver. Depending on the characteristics of the skin, the desired length of hair and their own preferences, each man chooses something different.

Scissors .

They are suitable for a long and voluminous beard. With their help, you can correct both volume and length. If you intend to let go of the mustache, it is better to cut them gradually: the further from the mouth, the greater the length can be left.

Shaver and electric shaver.

These are the most popular tool options. Firstly, they are convenient to use, especially when traveling, and secondly, they give you the opportunity to save time on the usual "wet" shave, because you can shave without the help of foam and gel. If you have sensitive skin, an electric razor may be a better choice: there's less of a risk of irritation than a manual razor.


A trimmer can be handy if you want to keep your beard at a certain length. It's also handy for correcting beard contours.

Trimmer or razor

The tools shave clean. You can combine a razor with a trimmer: the loom shaves the neck and the trimmer removes the stubble.

How do you take care of your beard so that it grows better and looks neater?

First of all you need to know what length is best for your beard, because different beards require different grooming.

If it's a stubble beard, you can try beard oil, a combination of different oils that can soften the tough hairs and keep the skin under it from drying or flaking at the same time. You need to grind three or four drops of oil in the palms of your hands and apply it to your beard. Your face should be clean, so do not forget to wash the day before.

For a long beard will suit both oil and balm. Balm is used to make your beard look neat. It nourishes and moisturizes your beard throughout the day and keeps it in shape. If necessary, you can pick up a balm that promotes better hair growth.

There are special shampoos and soaps for the beard, which are different in formula from the usual hair products and shower gels. Specialized cosmetics will help avoid the discomfort and irritation that other hygiene products can cause.

Usually oils, serums, fluids and other beard care products also protect against split ends and help manage flaking skin under the beard.

In summer, under the influence of the sun and salty sea water, the hair may become drier and tougher (respectively, less amenable to styling), and in winter - brittle from frost. It is therefore necessary to take care of your beard throughout the year.

Beard styling products

- Oil is a great choice at the initial stage, when the stubble is starting to grow and you're letting your beard go to medium length. Oils come in a variety of flavors, such as more or less intense scent. Some products give your beard a shine, others do not.

- Wax will be needed for long mustaches. With the help of this product, the mustache can be curled, shaped and fixed.

- Beard balm helps to take care of your beard and keep it in shape at the same time. It will easily tame the protruding hairs.

Every beard, big or small, needs the right amount of care. It's not just a question of aesthetics and style, but also hygiene. A neat and tidy beard requires regular hair care and adjustments. This is because even a layman can tell when a man has simply stopped shaving and when his beard is the result of proper care.



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