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How to choose a man's watch?

There is an opinion that a wristwatch is the only jewelry a modern man can afford. That is why they should be chosen with great care.

It is no accident that many men put watches and cars in the same category of values, as their selection criteria are approximately the same. Declarations like "I will take any wheels, as long as they will run" are not serious. Men always notice the make and model of cars that overtake them on the highway. Similarly, they always look at the watches of their interlocutors.

Therefore, you should understand that a man's watch is an extension of the personality of its owner, an important information that he is constantly transmitting to those around him. And it is important that this message is clear and correct.

Lifestyle and possibilities for the watch

The first thing to decide when choosing a watch is for what purpose it is purchased. Whether it's a lifestyle accessory for the office, a sporting event, a vacation, or all of the above.

Is it possible? Yes, it is. Ever since the phone teamed up with the computer, the world of everyday accessories has been dominated by versatility. Of course, it's not a bad idea to have at least one piece of a sophisticated classic watch on a black leather strap in case you have to pack in a strict black tie dress code. But when it comes to choosing a reliable companion for every day, it's better to combine business representative features with dynamic sporty characteristics.

Main indicators and characteristics

Let's take for example an everyday model with a basic set of complications: three hands and date. All indicators, including the calendar, should be clear and large enough to be read at an angle of 60 degrees. The hands should differ markedly from each other, but be in the same style. And all the markers on the dial should definitely be marked with a glow-in-the-dark compound, phosphor or safe tritium, even if you are not going to dive in this watch. It's not just practical, it's a sign of quality and status.

The same can be said for the water resistance of the case. The modern mandatory level is 50 meters or 5 bar. To buy a water resistant watch with a higher level is good, with a lower one, it is not worth it.

Wrist and watch size

It is important to understand how the watch will sit on your hand. The diameter of the case should not exceed the width of your wrist, if only because it's uncomfortable. But also too small watches look ridiculous. The optimal size for an average hand would be 40-42 mm, and the size 44 mm is suitable for a large hand. It should be noted that the modern watches are much larger than those that were worn by our ancestors, and not only because of changes in the watch fashion. The matter is that now it became possible to make the profile of the case curved - even the large men's watches fit comfortably around the hand and do not lie on it as a brick.

Main case materials

The most popular case material for men's watches today is surgical steel 316L. It does not cause allergies, is not prone to corrosion and is practically non-scratchable unlike gold. But here a lot depends on the personal preferences of the owner. For example, if the watch is quite large, the alternative to heavy steel can be lighter and, incidentally, more scratch-resistant titanium. Fans of the dynamic techno-style can pay attention to the black PVD coating or black ceramic. A very personal character is given by the bronze case, which over time is covered with a unique patina. And, of course, gold is a timeless value when it comes to an expensive gift.

Bracelet or strap?

By the way, if the watch is bought as a gift, you should also think about the choice of strap. It is important to remember that genuine leather is a prestigious, but not particularly versatile material. Many people do not like it because it gets wet, collects dirt, and over time, it rubs and tears. On the other hand, a metal bracelet will last a long time, but will add weight to a wrist accessory, especially if there is a heavy mechanical caliber inside. An alternative may be the actual rubber, nylon for the fans of the style "military" or the same leather with a special waterproof lining.

Quartz or mechanics?

A separate question is whether to prefer the mechanics or quartz. Again, if we are talking about status watches that you intend to wear all the time, then you should choose a quartz movement only if it has something special. For example, an ultra-precise movement with thermal compensation technology or the ability to automatically adjust the hands by satellite. After all, the watch is a measure of taste, erudition and professionalism. That is, the main man's values.



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