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How to store cigars?


The shelf life of cigars when stored properly is unlimited. But it is worth remembering that vitolas are very capricious, so they must be kept in stable, controlled climatic conditions. Otherwise, instead of a great cigar you will get a dry and tasteless tobacco in a couple of weeks.

If you are guided by cigar storage standards, these are:

- 65-75% humidity;

- Temperature of 18-21 degrees.

Zip-lock bag.

If you have several cigars, you can store them in a special sealed zip lock bag. The bag should be placed in a dark place with a temperature of about 21 degrees. Best of all in a bathroom, or even better under the bathtub. This way you can ensure that the cigars are stored for about a month.

Important: Do not store cigars in the refrigerator, because you will not increase the shelf life in this way, but you risk getting them with the taste of everything in that refrigerator.


If you are planning to store your cigars for over a month or if you have realized that zip lock bags are not your option, it's time to choose a humidor.

The humidor locks airtight and keeps the atmosphere optimal, including the right level of humidity. Moreover, it increases the shelf life of cigars to at least five years. Most often they are made from Spanish cedar. It is believed that this wood species retains moisture better and protects the flavor and aroma of the vitola.

Humidor types

- Travel humidor.

For transportation of 5-7 vitolas. They are distinguished by the internal dividers, which do not let the cigars in contact with each other when moving, thus preventing the mixing of flavors and aromas.

- Mechanical Humidor

Ideal for 15 to 60 cigars. Most often have a built in hygrometer and humidifier, but need more care than the following humidors. The classic which is most often preferred.

- Electronic humidor.

Allows for the convenient storage of cigars in a "fill up and forget about it for a month" climate which minimizes maintenance to a reasonable minimum. It makes sense to buy it if you intend to store a lot of cigars (150 or more).

- Humidor rooms.

As with cigar storage, humidors are best not stored near heaters or in open sunlight.

What should you look for when buying?

- The lid

Pay attention to keeping the lid on tight, the heavier the lid the better. The longer the shelf life of your cigars. This is the most important thing.

- Hygrometer

You can have both mechanical and electronic ones. Mechanical hygrometers are more appealing and electronic ones can show you percentages of humidity accurately. Another plus of electronic hygrometer is you will know right away if it's broken and you can fix it in time.

- Humidifier.

It should occupy 10% of the humidor to ensure humidification of the whole space. The humidifier should be constantly monitored and filled with water (once a month, but more often if the air is dry).

- Design

A humidor is not only a way to increase the shelf life of cigars, but also a beautiful addition to the interior. So choose the one that fits best in your space.

What you need to know about the humidor

- It is best to keep vitolas from the same country on the same shelf.

- It is better to swap the top and bottom shelves, especially if you notice that the top shelf is not moist enough (or vice versa).

- The cellophane is better removed from the vitola, so it will breathe better.

Below is a list of the best humidor manufacturers today. This name alone is already a great guarantee that the cigars retain their flavor and aroma for a long time.

- Elie Blue (France)

Uncompromising quality and style. The only humidors that are completely made by hand. Each piece requires about six months of work. The circulation is extremely limited, so you can hardly find two identical humidors of this brand. Elie Blue is considered one of the best humidors in the world.

- Gentili (Italy).

The quality of materials is impeccable, as is their design. High-precision robotized machines from Italy and Germany are used in the making, but the basic "assembly" work of the finished pieces is still done by hand.

- Adorini (Italy)

The company was one of the first on the market manufacturers of accessories for smoking began to give a lifetime warranty on all their products. Their humidors are equipped with a special ventilation system. Entirely made by hand.

- Mastro De Paja (Italy).

Great design, quality and almost completely family run business. Highly valued by collectors.

- Gurkha (USA).

Gurkha humidors have always been distinguished by their original design and love of detail.

To summarize.

If you've realized that your cigar hobby has grown into something big or you're buying up boxes of them, you'll definitely need a humidor to extend their shelf life as much as possible. The main rule is to choose a humidor with as tight a lid as possible, pay attention to the humidifier and estimate your strength properly. Don't buy a very expensive mechanical humidor if you know for sure that you don't have time to look after it. Remember that the more electronic the components, the less time you have to spend. And, of course, always focus only on your taste.



*Vitola is a cigar before the ring is put on it.

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