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Kayaking or a new form of extreme hobby

Thrill seekers can take up kayaking. It is one of the extreme sports, which appeared thousands of years ago. If you are a follower of an active lifestyle and are not afraid to swim, then you should definitely try kayaking.

Kayaking - is a type of water tourism, which involves single or shared swimming on a special boat, the length of which reaches 5 meters. We distinguish several types of this tourism. The easiest and most relaxing - sea kayaking. He implies sailing on the seas, lakes and reservoirs. Suitable for travel in sparsely populated areas, as well as for the daily rides on the lakes and coastal zone near the place of rest.

For a large company, the Canopolo is great. People are divided into two teams and on a 35 by 23 meter water field trying to throw the ball into the opponent's goal. A fascinating game of kayaking, where it is important teamwork and skill with the boat. The main thing is to find a suitable place for the game and set the goal.

For those who want to tickle the nerves and fully test their abilities to own a kayak is recommended to try rafting on mountain rivers. This is the most extreme and dangerous kind of kayaking. Each route has its own category of danger. The higher it is, the more difficult it is to pass the river. The list of dangers includes numerous rapids, underwater pockets, "barrels" and blockages. Without proper experience or a team of professionals, it is dangerous to raft.

The benefits of kayaking

As a leisure activity, even relaxed kayaking has a lot of advantages:

- activation of the metabolism;

- strengthening the muscles through constant activity;

- the dynamic change of scenery during the extreme river descent increases the sensitivity of the visual, tactile and auditory receptors;

- increased blood flow to the heart and arteries;

- developing teamwork skills if you're swimming with partners;

- the stressful environment "hardens" the nervous system, increases the body's resistance to negative factors;

- humid mountain or forest air has a positive effect on the respiratory system;

- development of attention and coordination.

Separately worth noting affordability. Almost in every country there are at least 1-2 places where you can do kayaking. Water adventure does not require any licenses or permits. You can rent a kayak. It does not need any maintenance, and if necessary, the kayak can easily be dragged ashore.

Additionally, you can take a kayak on a trip for a few days. The capacity of the boat allows you to carry massive backpacks with sustenance and tents. The design of the watercraft is shock resistant, so you don't have to worry about cracks from rapids and rocks.

Don't forget to worry about safety precautions before taking up kayaking. You will need special thermal underwear, a skirt (apron) for a comfortable position in the kok-pit, athletic shoes, helmet and nose clips. The latter are useful on the stormiest rivers. The paddles are selected for each style of rafting in proportion to the length of the kayak. At the same time the purpose is taken into account - professional, for easy walks or extreme descents. Note that there are a number of contraindications, in which this type of leisure is prohibited. The list includes back diseases, heart and vascular problems, high blood pressure.

Kayaking is a great choice for nature lovers and extreme recreation. You can enjoy the rivers alone or with a couple of friends. If you have always wanted new sensations and experiences - feel free to get in a kayak.

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