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Rating of Swiss watches

Swiss watch brands are leaders in the production and sale of watch movements and accessories. The owner of a prestigious Swiss watch knows that such a model perfectly underlines the status, helps to create a respectable image and good mood. Partners will look at you with respect and grandchildren will inherit an elite accessory.

A luxury wristwatch is one of the most complex mechanical devices, it's really a jewelry work.

What is the peculiarity of the Swiss watch

Swiss wristwatches are an exception to the rule when the price really corresponds to the quality. Since the beginning of the watchmaking art, Swiss Made products have become famous as a combination of original design, tradition, modern materials with a guarantee of durability.

Why buy a Swiss Made watch:

- models show the time with absolute accuracy;

- reliable watch movements;

- rarely need for repair, requiring only routine inspection;

- use of innovative technologies in production;

- prestige, elegance, status;

- The use of only modern materials.

Which is more prestigious?

People argue which brand is more elite: Girard-Perregaux or Patek Philippe, Chopard or Cartier, Tissot or Rado. It is not difficult to identify the more prestigious firm when it comes to products of different price categories. When one considers other parameters, confusion arises. How to identify the more prestigious brand: by name, complexity of mechanisms, design, marketing strategy?

There is no official gradation of Swiss manufacturers. There is no and cannot be a certain scheme, based on which we can talk about the prestige of a brand. For example, the brand itself positions itself in relation to its competitors, while journalists focus on the brands that arouse interest among the publication's target audience. It is not clear what is the main criterion of prestige: the history of the company, the number of sales during the year, awards, revolutionary technologies in production or the appearance of models?

The hierarchy will be different for each society, some more important than design, some more important than the complexity of the mechanism. Consequently, it is impossible to make a general rating.

Getting to know the brands of wrist watches

Let us elaborate on the description of some of the brands

Patek Philippe - one of the most expensive watches in the world, the company's values: tradition and innovation, quality and craftsmanship, rarity and heritage, value and aesthetics;

- Rolex - produce more than half a million watches a year, most of them are mechanical accessories;

- Omega - luxury watches, worn by presidents and kings, movie stars;

- Frank Muller - the image of "the master of complicated watches", innovations in mechanisms and additional complications;

- Longines - luxury brand of classic accessories, such watches were worn by: A. Einstein, C. Chanel;

- TAG Heuer - production of premium watches in the LVMH holding division - Louis Vuitton-Moet-Hennessy;

- Tissot - affordable Swiss brand, every 4 Swiss watches belong to Tissot;

- Rado - high-end models made of innovative materials, particularly high-tech and plasma ceramic.

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