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Suspenders will tell you the main thing

Suspenders are perhaps the most controversial accessory in a man's wardrobe. They are able to bring a touch of brutality to the image or, conversely, add a playful mood to the bow. Stylish suspenders may well become the missing accent and “highlight” of a stylish groom’s wedding attire.

Suspenders appeared more than two millennia ago and, of course, were by no means an attribute of beauty. Before they were really necessary to support the pants. Today, suspenders are more of a way to emphasize your individual style and excellent taste.

For a summer wedding in Provence style, an informal spring ceremony, an outdoor autumn celebration, suspenders are the perfect accessory. Even hidden under the jacket, suspenders seem to hint at the groom's disagreement with the formalities and rules. And if suspenders replace a jacket or vest in the image, this is an open statement. About what? It all depends on which suspenders are chosen.

Today, even in mass-market stores, you can find braces made of leather or fabric. It is leather suspenders that are brutal. They seem to remind of the operational belt and the exploits of the heroes of American action films. But colored suspenders with funny prints are already a story about ease and an easy attitude to life.

By the way, suspenders may well become a detail that will unite the wedding images of the bride and groom. To do this, it is enough to choose suspenders to match the shade of your beloved shoes or flowers from the wedding bouquet.
Well, tailor-made suspenders with the initials of the newlyweds, the date of the wedding or a family monogram created on the occasion are no longer just a detail of the wedding look, but a real relic that is just right to be stored in a velvet box along with wedding glasses and a wedding veil.

But please don't overdo it. When choosing braces, remember a few basic rules. The classic wedding look allows only solid color suspenders. The further away from formality, the more colorful this accessory can be. But at the same time, suspenders should be combined with at least one of the elements of clothing - with a tie, a handkerchief from a breast pocket, a cap, socks, shoes, etc.
And, of course, under no circumstances should you wear a belt and suspenders at the same time. It's definitely a fashion flop.

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