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The 10 most fascinating male hobbies. Part 1

Many of us spend our free time watching TV or spending it at the computer, not noticing that there are a variety of useful entertainment and activities around that can bring you moral satisfaction and even become a source of income


It often seems that in modern life, because of the huge employment we do not have enough time for some exciting and interesting activities. However, if you look around, many of us sit in our spare time watching TV or on the computer, not noticing that there are a lot of different useful entertainment around. They can bring you not only moral satisfaction, but also help solve health problems.


We offer you a list of fascinating and useful activities that can interest you and bring variety into your life.

  1. Reading .

Of course, such an activity as reading - a hobby not only for men. Every cultured and intelligent man likes to read interesting and informative literature. And history knows many great men who were lovers of reading. Insatiable readers were: the U.S. presidents Theodore Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, the famous French writer Honoré de Balzac, as well as the great German scientist Albert Einstein. And this is not the whole list, it could go on and on. Reading broadens the mind, gives new ideas and makes a person a well-rounded personality. In any book you can always find something useful to yourself. No matter what kind of literature - fiction or science, about business or art. And in the age of the Internet this hobby has become even more accessible.

  1. Camping with a tent.

In our intellectual age, an age of intense busyness, many have lost touch with nature. And for the physical and psychological health is very important to travel as often as possible and come into contact with it. After all, great to sit with friends by the fire, spend the night under the stars, and at dawn to go fishing. Camping is a great way to relax and unload yourself from the negativity of everyday city life.

  1. the game of chess

For many men, playing chess has long been a favorite pastime. It is really interesting to pass the time with friends at the game. Besides it is not only entertainment but also a way to develop logical and abstract thinking, concentration of memory. Such famous people as the Italian philosopher Galileo Galilei, the English physicist Isaac Newton, the English historian Henry Thomas Bockl, the philosopher Spinoza and others were fond of chess.

  1. Fishing

Many people like to sit in silence with a fishing rod on the bank of a river. Such a hobby provides an opportunity not only to cure frayed nerves, but also to provide yourself and friends with delicious fish soup for dinner. And even if you do not catch anything, the process of fishing has a beneficial effect on the psychological state. Relaxing on the shore with a fishing rod, you can just quietly think, dream, looking at the beauty of nature around you.

  1. Hunting

Since ancient times it has been believed that a man is the breadwinner and provider in the family. Hunting is truly a man's hobby. While hunting in a purely masculine society, anyone can learn the principles of manhood, patience and responsibility. And on top of everything else, get fresh game for dinner.

  1. Shooting

If you are not interested in hunting, you can always learn sport shooting. After learning this activity, you can become a true professional. However, if you really want to do this business, you will need extreme attention, concentration and a steady hand. You can choose to learn any direction. It can be stand shooting, pistol or rifle shooting. Better yet, start with airguns. It's safer and cheaper. First, test how many bottles and at what distance you can shoot down.

  1. Sport

Every man, regardless of profession and age, should engage in sports. Physical activity contributes not only to increasing testosterone, but also makes a man healthy, resilient, and relieves depression and stress. You shouldn't limit yourself to just exercising in the gym. Play soccer, wrestle, bike, and swim in the pool. It doesn't matter which sport you choose. The main thing is to always be active, in good shape, and have fun doing it.

  1. Hiking

What can be better than long hikes with a backpack behind you? During these hikes you can perfectly relax, restore inner strength, breathe in the fresh forest air and enjoy the beautiful scenery. In addition, it is quite inexpensive, you need only sturdy comfortable shoes and some food. The main thing is to choose an interesting route, and to be accompanied by good weather. If you are a city dweller, the most suitable place for such a hike is the suburban reserves with woodlands.

  1. Mountaineering

For most people, mountain climbing is not only a great sport, but also an outdoor activity. Mountaineering, first and foremost, is about overcoming fear and fatigue. And most importantly - overcoming yourself. After all, when you reach the goal, the pride, joy and feeling of superiority can cover with the head. Of course, this kind of hobby is not for all people. It requires great courage, strength, skills, patience and persistence.

  1. Skydiving

Skydiving is one of the aviation sports. For admirers of extreme sports and thrills it's a wonderful occupation. It gives an opportunity to try yourself and feel the charm of flying. Choosing skydiving as a hobby, you will not only test yourself on courage, but also get a lot of pleasure and thrills.

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