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White wine - what is the beast and what does it go with?

Not everyone knows how to drink white wine, which dishes will suit this or that variety, but connoisseurs of the noble drink understand exactly what kind of appetizer is necessary. Before we start to understand what to drink white wine with, we need to understand what it is for.

And so, the main purpose of serving white wine, is to stimulate the taste buds for the upcoming reception, and also helps to reduce the acidity in the stomach and the caloric content of the dish. It is important to consider at what temperature one drinks white wine that is dry, sweet or semi-sweet. The correct serving temperature is considered the temperature of the drink from 8 to 12 degrees, in a small glass with a filling of no more than 1/3 of it. It is this proportion that allows it to be fully enriched with oxygen and acquire its true rich flavor.

White semi-sweet wine

Let's figure out what to drink white semisweet wine with, and at what time it is recommended to serve it. This drink acts as an aperitif, so it is recommended to serve it before the main course. Of the products it is preferable to choose well-cooked fish with a slightly spicy flavor. Choosing the meat, it is better to give preference to poultry with white meat or veal. And also well combined are cheeses, desserts, cereals, fruits and even lean types of sausages. From the sauces we recommend to choose sour cream, but the appetizers should be light and moderately used seasonings.

White dry wine

After this we would like to consider what we drink white dry wine with. The best combination is all seafood (crayfish, oysters, shrimps and mussels). In its majority, in restaurants, where the quality of food is appreciated, it is served:

- lean fish;

- Vegetable salads (without vinegar);

- poultry of wild species baked;

- boiled tongue;

- caviar products;

- chilled veal.

In addition, thinking about what is better to drink white dry wine with, such snacks stand out: sweet fruits, sweet desserts made of chocolate, ice cream, jelly or even nuts.

White semi-dry wine

Consider what to drink white semi-dry wine with. It is served before the meal, and it is best to accentuate different cheeses, meat cold appetizers or fish dishes. A good combination will be chicken salad, rabbit, stewed vegetables, plow-tow, some dishes from Mexican cuisine. You can choose vegetable appetizers, do not exclude rolls, boiled and baked poultry or casseroles. This particular type of wine goes well with some fatty dishes (veal with soy sauce, duck or foie gras). Instead of the usual bread, crackers, cheese or cottage cheese scones will go best.

Many people wonder what they can drink with white wine. This drink itself is not strong, but if you want it is possible to dilute it with clean water, to one part of the wine three parts of water. You also need to know how to drink wine with cheese correctly. If you like red varieties, the combination will not turn out as divine as you expected. White varieties go well with different kinds of cheese, because it is a delight worthy of kings.

It is worth noting that if you really want to have a nice meal and feel the subtle taste of the noble drink, then you need to know exactly with what is better to drink white wine. And, of course, there's no need to go to restaurants for this, you can arrange a nice dinner at home under the available bottle. Don't forget to chill it properly before serving and let it breathe to fully reveal the flavor.

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